Wasn't all Fun and Games

Just like the title of the post said, it wasn't all fun and games. Or well it was really run but there's more to the story.

So my dad is avid into guns. He has a ton of old weapons and has a few more modern ones including the AR 15.

Well we decided to go shooting right before I left, to blow off some steam. I started with firing the AR and that was fun. I finished a mag in no time. Then it was time to move onto the pistols, mind you, I have never shot a pistol in my life. My dad thought it would be fun to start me on a 1975 Ruger Super Black Hawk. I made him shoot it once to show me how it is done and how much kick it has. Well it had a lot more kick than it looked like. I found that out the hard way. You see, when I fired the weapon, the recoil made it fly up and bump my head. To me it was funny because it had such massive kick and i had never felt anything like it before, but it did bonk my head so I put my hand on my head and set the weapon down. All the while still laughing.

Turns out that it did in fact hit my head, and my head was bleeding. You know head wounds though, they bleed a lot. It only scratched my head. I didn't even have a headache after the indevoure. But it did stop our shooting for the night.

But I learned and went back a couple days later. I did not shoot that pistol again (didn't want to scratch my head again) but I did shoot a 9 mil and did fine doing it!

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