One of my dinners

While I was gone I did not eat home cooked meals much, as I was not home. This was one of my meals. The goal was to fill this bowl as much as I possibly could. The meal came from Hu Hot. How it works is that Hu Hot is a Mongolian grill. You go up to what looks like a buffet bar, except this one has the contents of what you can put in one meal that they will cook for you. Normally if you stay in then you can go up as much as you want, but when you get the food to go they give you a special bowl. The bowl is slightly bigger than the normal one and it is black so that they know you are getting it to go. The thing with these bowls is that you have to make it heaping essentially. The best way to do it is start with meat and veggies on the bottom and then put the noodles on top. Then you go and put the sauces in the bowl - I use hotter sauces, I like the spice - then you go up and give them the bowl. They cook the food right in front of you. It's an awesome experience and if you have not gone to this type of a place then I suggest you try it out some time.

Back to what this is about, this is what I walked away with. It was about three meals for me. But it was so good and it lasted well reheated.

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