New Baby Bunny!

We got ourselves a new baby bunny to go with our older female bunny. She is adorable and we have decided to name her Money Bags. Well we don't really know if she is a she, we got her so young that we are uncertain. I am pretty sure it is a her while Courtney is pretty sure it is a he. So we will have to keep you updated on that outcome.

We are also waiting for her to become big enough to actually be outside in the same enclosure as our adult bunny, Jumpgrass. When we got her she was smaller than my hand. She has already grown to be bigger than my hand in the little while we have had her. They grow so fast!

Here is Jumpgrass (the big grey bunny) sharing her outside hutch with Money Bags (the little black one in the corner). Money Bags still lives inside but they do socialize together outside and inside.

Update: Money Bags is a girl!!

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