Picture in Purchased Item

Picture in Purchased Item


Did you ever want to have a picture of Abby or Courtney in the item you Purchased? To go along with the item? Well now is your chance! You just have to add this to your cart at the time of purchase and we will send you the link to download when we send the item to you. It will be emailed to you as the item is shipped!

Make sure if you purchase more than one item, you get two of these items in your cart. Otherwise you will only get pictures in one of the items.

  • Download

    You have to make sure that you download the pictures within the two weeks of recieving the package. The pictures will be taken down and link no longer valid after the two weeks is up.

  • Number of Pictures

    For one order, you will recieve 3 pictures. The pictures will be in the three different potions you chose at time of check out. Please make sure that you choose an Abby option if you buy a product from Abby. Same for Courtney. If you buy a product from Courtney then you need to make sure you buy a Courtney option. 

    Make sure the option you select matches the product. The panty options are for Panties. The sock options are for socks.

    If you do not follow these guidelines than you will just be refunded that money and not get pictures.